Different Methods To Deal With Your Uterine Problems

When it comes to health in general, anyone’s health can be protected by following a nutritional diet, doing some exercises, getting the necessary rest, etc. When it comes to women’s health we have to step a little further as there are a number of problems a woman can face due to the status of her reproductive system.

At the most primitive stage, a woman could have problems about her menstruation cycle. This is a routine activity that naturally happens in a female body once a month. However, there can be irregularities regarding this most normal activity too. Then, there can be problems with the ovaries. However, the focus of this article is a problem the womb faces. This problem is having harmless tumours in the womb. Since there is something called uterine fibroid treatment that has several options to help you with this situation, you do not need to panic if you are suffering from such a condition.


A gynaecologist in Singapore that you consult will tell you that there are surgeries that you can do to cure the condition. There are two surgeries from which you can choose one. For a long time only hysterectomy was available. In that particular surgery, if you are suffering from having harmless tumours in your womb, your whole womb will be removed from an operation. However, that means the ability of reproduction also goes away with that surgery. The second surgery option only removes the tumours without removing your whole womb. That means even after doing that you will still have the ability to reproduce if you choose to. This surgery option is known as myomectomy. The doctor your consult will help you choose the surgery that is most suitable for your health.

Natural Remedies

There are people who try to find a cure to this situation of having harmless tumours in their wombs by following natural remedies without going for surgery. However, these natural remedies only promise to control the situation. That means they will make sure your tumours do not grow any bigger than they already are. They are not offering the option of fully curing the situation. These natural remedies mostly consist of you taking herbs and maintaining a diet that would create hormonal balance. Some people even do some careful exercises such as walking fast for a limited time.

You can use either natural remedies or go for a surgery as a way of solving the problem of having harmless tumours in your womb. However, only surgery will provide you with a clear solution as natural remedies just control the situation.