Don’t Disregard Team Building Just Yet

While the presence of these kinds of activities still happen, there seems to be a wave of negativity in the corporate world these days. Some managers are starting to shrug it off because it doesn’t seem to add any value. At least not at what it costs. Others tend to believe that while it does temporarily improve overall unity within an organization, these effects are reversed after a while. While there may be some truth to these points, it’s important to understand that there is a way to go about it.

Most companies simply outsource the task and then get back to work so they can simply check it off their to-do list and pretend they did something to improve morale and overall teamwork. On the contrary, corporate team building activities require a lot more effort, reflection and consideration. While some companies may not see the point there is a definite correlation between improved motivation, creativity and effort following such activities. While some companies simply turn it down due to the cost, it’s important to understand that from a standpoint of giving an employee a raise to improve employee morale and motivation, a team building activity can prove to be more economical.

Another major advantage with corporate team building events in Singapore is that it helps identify latent strengths and weak points of employees. When working on a daily basis, it’s easy to overlook or not notice certain flaws with employees. Team building can prove to be a great self-discovery or employee assessment tool. Again, this would be a result of careful consideration of the team building process and managers paying close attention to their subordinates to look for these traits. With these activities, new talents can be identified and existing employees may even be internally transferred to a job role that they are better at and something that the employee would enjoy more. This can prove to be a major plus point in the long term.

These activities are also a great way to alleviate stress. Over time, specially with high stress jobs, you can feel a little under pressure even when work isn’t too hectic because the brain tends to associate the workplace and employees with a high stress environment. Engaging in a carefree fun activity breaks this pattern and helps restore balance which improves overall morale and efficiency of employees.

Communication is a vital factor in teams and being in a work environment can sometimes stunt that depending on the employee. Some employees may not be very open to communication and feel restrictive when they are in a typical workplace. Such activities can help them loosen up and break free which will in turn allow them to be more expressive and communicative within the work place.

While there are some companies that have decided against these activities, it’s important that careful consideration is made before doing so. Team building activities can go a long way, if done right.