How To Dress Up For The Summer?

You need to know which clothes to wear for each season. Your wardrobe will undergo a distinct change when you switch from cold winter wear to light summer clothing options. The trick is to wear an ensemble that will be comfortable in the hot sun.

Wear loose clothing

Loose clothing can effectively ventilate your body. As it will lightly hang on your frame, you will not feel constricted. A flowing maxi dress can keep your body cooler when compared to shorts and a tight tank top. You can also wear large shirts and shirt dresses. This will be the ideal time to try out a loose mens shirt in Singapore. You can pair it up with a short and lightly tuck the excess material away.

Be careful when it comes to fabric

Some fabric will feel better on your skin than others. Silks, elastic or polyester have a way of sticking to your body when you sweat and it can become very uncomfortable. Try for fabrics like cotton or linen. Natural fabrics will be better than synthetic for hot summer weather.

Wear light colours

Light colours such as white, pastel and beige will actually help reflect away some radiation. It is common knowledge that darker colours absorb more heat. You can also go for bright colours and prints. This is good advice for men too. Go for light coloured or bold printed menswear.

Keep your clothes clean

You sweat excessively in hot weather. So it is important to make sure you have freshly washed clothes that are clean. When your clothes are unclean with sweat, dirt and dead skin cells, they become uncomfortable to wear. Take cool showers whenever you can. This will help you feel more comfortable in the warm climate. It is not advised to use shampoo on your hair every day. So you can alternate when it comes to hair care products.

Be aware of what you carry

When it comes to warm weather, the less you wear and carry the better. Opt for a small tote bag instead of a huge backpack. Lugging around a big backpack can make you even more tired and sweaty. A smaller bag will help you pack less. Only pack your bare essentials. Make sure your clothes don’t have extra embellishment on them such as metal or hanging tassels. Layered blouses are also not suitable. If you are accessorising make sure it is very light. You tend to sweat off makeup so just a touch of makeup will be easier for you to maintain.

Look for ways to find shade

Carry a wide brimmed hat with you or a scarf. There are so many ways you can wear a scarf. You can incorporate into your wardrobe of the day. It can also cover up your hair and keep your head from getting too heated. Carry sunglasses with you to prevent glare. It is also better to have a small bottle of sun lotion or sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.