Remedies For Aches And Conditions In The Foot And Sole

There are certain very common medical conditions that present themselves in the form of aches and discomfort in the sole and the foot. However, they are almost always completely treatable and reversible and will not pose some kind of permanently debilitating condition. Here are some of the remedies that you can commonly get for the discomfort that you might be experiencing in your foot.

Remedies for plantar fasciitis

The majority of patients who suffer from this very common ailment will recover easily with heel pain treatment Singapore methods that are conservative. One form of this is that the doctor will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the condition. They are commonly known as NSAIDs and they can greatly take down inflammatory reactions like a swollen foot. They also take away the pain even though it might return once the medication wears off. The other is corticosteroids. This is a solution that needs to be applied topically to the inflicted area and most often an electric current is utilized in order to stimulate the absorption. Doctors can also choose to inject the liquid if they feel that the approach will be more effective. The next is physiotherapy. Your physiotherapist can help you understand the exercises in which techniques will be used to manipulate your foot in a way that will strengthen and stretch the plantar fascia as well as the Achilles tendon.

Remedies for bursitis in the sole

The doctor needs to first be able to identify this condition apart from the condition above and not get them mixed up. There will almost always be the need for you to use a cup or a cushioning insole in order to inhibit movements in that area. If you do this correctly along with getting enough rest, your condition will resolve soon. If not, there might be a need for steroid injections to be administered to the area.

Remedies for bumps

Changing your footwear if you wear heels, applying ice and compression can almost always resolve this rather straightforward condition. Grip and Achilles pads are other ways in which you can give your foot the support that it needs. The doctor could also administer cortisone injections to relieve the discomfort that you feel and in severe scenarios they will advise you to remove the bumps surgically.

Home care methods

If you are among the lucky patients whose case is not severe, you will be told to take care of your foot at home. In this case following these guidelines will work wonders for you. Rest enough and avoid strenuous activities like running, standing, walking or other activity that will put stress on your foot. Ice the area for about 15 minutes at a time but be sure not to place the ice directly on to your skin, wrap it up in a towel and then apply.