Service Office – Expand Your Working Space

The independence available in freelancing when combined with the structure and community that is available in an office space provides with the desired fulfillment in freelance workers.  This is fulfilled by the pay as you use offices.  Businesses and freelancers rent out serviced offices where they get everything required for a business ranging from reception staff, telephone answering services, meeting facilities, video conferencing and more.

Sharing the Same Office

In a service office in KL, multiple tenants will be sharing the same office.   The office will be fully serviced and you will be paying for all the extras like the utility bill, maintenance and as well as the internet.  These offices are ready to move and they start operating from the time you move in for work.  The space is flexible and when you want more space you can pay a little extra and you can expand your working space without any change in your address.

Lot of Networking Potential

You get to have a lot of networking potential when you work in such an office set up.  Since there will be multiple tenants you will be able to network and cross sell the services with others.  If you are looking for a commercial office for the first time, you need to be trying a service office. 

Future Proof Your Office

The ideal of co working space is a great way to future proof your office.  There are different opportunities and choices available for money making while freelancing and not missing on the work and life balance.  Established business models are disappearing and newer trends are happening with a virtual office space.  The idea of hiring workers on an as needed basis is the current day happening.  

Improving the Productivity

Space can do a lot of things.  A virtual office can motivate people who are willing to work to be more excited about the space and it helps with improving the productivity.  Collaboration on a per project basis is getting to be the new normal.  This happens regardless of the country of origin of the participant contributors of work. The benefits happen from currency differences and differences in wages.

With economy and the style of work changing dynamically companies are looking to stay competitive.  Innovations are happening by the day in terms of delivering services and products.  Change is fundamental to bringing change in management.  There is a widespread increase in the process of creating crowd innovation where too many people work on a small project to tidy and clear it up very soon! This is absolutely about sharing work and project space with each other eventually improving on leisure space and improved earnings for each other without complicating the boundaries of freedom.