Types Of First Birthday Parties Around The World

There are many different types of first birthday parties out there. Some include umbilical cords which are placed inside wooden jars or even boxes. These parties will inspire you to celebrate your own child’s events too. Here are some events for you to consider:
UMBLICAL PACKING IN JAPAN This method is a great one as it includes the child’s hair being cut and placed inside a bottle. Japanese mums keep the umbilical cords with them as a symbol of their pregnancies. These rituals are even celebrated in third world countries. Most of the time the cords are placed inside boxes before the child and mother leaves the hospital. To celebrate your baby’s first month or to celebrate this event you can have an umbilical cord decorated on the cake. If you can’t do it yourself then you can give it to baby full month caterer who will make it for you.
SLEEPING OUTSIDE IN SWEDEN This might seem rather unusual for some parents. Most parents dislike allowing their kids to sleep outdoors. If you are a parent who is considering allowing your child to sleep outside then you need to think about the freezing temperature well. Most Nordic individuals allow their kids to nap outside as a part of their routine. The air helps them eat as well as sleep a lot better. Some companies even have specific alarms which alert the parents once their kids are awake.
MATERNITY SERVICE FROM FINLANDThis service or package includes helping mothers who are expecting in Finland. They are basically given a box which includes clothes, toys as well as sheets. Sometimes they are even provided with a baby bet which will even help with the transition to motherhood. Most of the time a cash grant will be provided with around $190 in cash. This even helps unmarried mothers scrounge money for affordable catering services.
PUT THE BABY IN A LARGE COT You must try to place the baby in a large cot for your use. It is important that in Egypt mothers consider this practice. This is also called Sebooh. The mother will put the baby in a cot and will shale the baby for a large period of time. The guests will throw gold and gifts around the baby for good luck. It is important that mothers do consider this option as carefully as possible. There are many ceremonies out there some are much more elaborate than others. Think about which one is more suited for your tastes before you decide on one. If you are confused about which tactic to use you must ask someone you know for advice.